Tila is a digital influencer, creative director, & creator of The Tila Diaries blog.

Growing up I didn’t have the luxury to travel and experience the world, right after I booked my first plane ticket out of Vancouver, and even though it was just Cancun I knew this was what I want to be doing forever. I love to travel and I don’t believe there is anything more exciting than exploring a new location and experiencing different cultures. And guess what? You can do it at any age! Never too young & never too old. I am a total city girl at heart and pride myself on being able to navigate any hills in 5-inch heels. I’ll only ever judge you if you eat ice cream in a cup – otherwise, we’re good. Between travelling, I spend my days in Vancouver, where I am blessed to call it home. Staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle is also very important to me but that does not mean I do not have my cheat days (or cheat weeks) every so often! I love food (duh), day drinking (obvs), french bulldogs (life goals to have 3 of them running around) and all things royal. To see all the above daily: feel free to follow on Snapchat.

(Warning: Seldom influenced by alcohol; subject to kissy faces.)


At The Tila Diaries, I share your passions for travel, food, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and myriad topics related to life and most importantly you! 

Whether you’re planning a trip to the enticing Caribbean or even if you are simply searching for some quick tips regarding beauty, hair, fashion, skin care, nails etc., I have you covered like no one else! Just don’t expect what I recommend to be on a budget, I believe the best things in life are free, second best are expensive.

Through the blog, I’m looking forward to serving my readers and subscribers with excellent and extraordinary advice, tips and suggestions pertaining to the way they live their lives and where we all believe in each other’s dreams, passions and commitments! So, if you have some brilliant ideas or even if you need some quality advice, feel free to share your feedbacks and suggestions!

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