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Victoria Must Eat If You Are There For A Day!!

victoria must eat

victoria must eatVictoria was such a nice little getaway for anyone living in the Lower Mainland. It’s an easy trek as a weekend destination. I caught the Floatplane over for the first time, but you can always take a ferry. Either way, you’ll be spoiled with beautiful views.

Once you get over the whimsical buildings, the cultural attractions and the easy going pace of Victoria is a nice change from the bustling city life. You’ll find the capital city of British Columbia’s home to be a bustling food scene.


We started off lunch at Agrius Restaurant – they don’t do dinners Sunday-Tuesday. Heard great things about this place from everybody, so we had to try it out! I am not sure if all the fuss about the restaurant (best restaurant in Canada award) meets the dining experience.

We had a quick lunch: ordered two sandwiches, both were in my honest opinion, very mediocre. I didn’t want to be the one to say it because I hyped up this place all day. Like ‘omg, it’s THE BEST restaurant in Victoria!!!’. So I waited for soneone to say “it’s alright” before I said something, lol.

The bread (made in-house I know) was really dense. I think Meat & Bread in Vancouver has honestly perfected their sandwiches. Especially the bread. Killer bread.

I do understand, the quality here is nothing short of amazing. The entire menu is almost made in house. From the seasoning to the sauces. The chef sources all his products locally by farmers he knows by their first name. Almost 90% of the food on your table is made using organic produce. They even go as far as butchering the animals themselves. They buy their lamb, chicken, etc. in whole quantities. But to be honest, I wasn’t happy overall with my lunch. Maybe their dinner menu is better?

However, their soup was very tasty and warm with rich flavors. I didn’t try their bakery, but it’s famous in Victoria.

For a nice view of the harbor & happy hours we stayed at our hotel and dined at their restaurant. The patio in the summertime looks great! It’s a relaxing atmosphere.


When it was time for dinner, we had to try Il Terrazzo, a fine Italian dining establishment one of Victoria Must eat in an old town courtyard setting. Choose to enjoy your dinner by candlelight beside one of their six brick fireplaces.

We arrived around 8 pm with the entire restaurant, mind you, on a Tuesday night, completely full – that’s usually a good sign already.

When the food is as good as the atmosphere, it automatically becomes my favourite. The vibe is rustic and cozy, dimmed lights, candlelight. If I had heard someone speaking Italian, I would think was in Italy.

Portabella mushroom in a focaccia crumb and herb crust, baked with garlic butter, prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts and Parmigiano, sliced and tossed with baby spinach, crispy capers, and balsamic vinaigrette. Amazing, amazing, amazing! A must order!

Linguine noodles tossed with steamed butter clams, crumbled Italian sausage, fennel, chili flakes, saffron, white wine and fresh tomato.

Finally, braised veal shank served with saffron risotto, parsley, and lemon gremolata.

Truly an amazing dining experience, glad we went here. This place is an “institution” in Victoria must eat scene – excellent quality in food, service, and value. They won numerous awards and after eating here, I can really understand why.


I almost missed my flight for these bad boys.

Totally worth it though.

Red fish blue fish!! You can find them near the floatplanes.

I must go back to Victoria, maybe in the summertime when it’s nicer out so I can take King along with me!! There’s just so much more to explore!

What are your favourite spots in Victoria?

+ Tofino + Uculuet


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