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Whether they’re a holy grail in your beauty regime, or you prefer to book a well-deserved treat once a while, spa treatments definitely are magic to our bodies. I am a firm believer of once or twice a month massages & facials, however, this is my first time adding a body treatment to my regime!

The detox treatment is a full body treatment which pays close attention to the cleansing, detoxifying, purifying and moisturizing the skin – it was really relaxing. At the same time to go through the entire process layers after layers of the treatment was fun and cool to experience for the first time!

And quite honestly, just fifteen minutes in, I was feeling more relaxed than I could ever remember.

There is something very therapeutic about water, hence why I take a bubble bath every day.

My mind began to clear of all scattered thoughts and I was lulled into a deep rest fuelled by specially selected essential oils (my fave for home) and an expert massage technique!

The cleansing part of the treatment definitely was my favorite part. I’m scared for my husband now because when I have my own house, I am 10000% asking for that shower thing they used (picture above).

I mean, everyone needs one in their home, no?

The one I have at home is not terrible either though.

I lied, actually, my favorite part about the treatment have to be the products they used at the spa.  Beauty Through Balance is carried in fine spas and resorts across Canada products are free of sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic colors, fragrances and other commonly used cosmetic chemicals. Products are not tested on animals.

You guys know I am a skincare product junkie and I LOVE supporting our local products here in BC. I believe it’s amazing to be able to incorporate what we have in our backyard and what we’re known for, taking that and creating amazing products.

Therefore, I’ve been testing out Beauty Through Balance line for over a month, I have to say I truly love all the products. The clay mask I use at home is not only detoxifying  – it contains ingredients like Pacific Seaweed & Canadian Glacial Clay, it also has added Hyaluronic acid. I use this at home 1-2 X a week as well as other products, I’ll get into in another post.

After my body treatment, I was escorted into another room for my facial. This time, the Beauty Through Balance Facial – good for detoxifying, hydrating and skin brightening. I like customizing my facial and letting the professionals decide what I need.

Just like that, the 120-minutes was up and I was gently brought back to reality, refreshed and with a surprising sense of clarity. And of course, glowing beautiful skin for the summer.

You guys all know I love Rosewood Spa, they are the only spa in all of Canada to win the Forbes 4 stars, I am really proud of that! I did mention before this is more of a relaxing ‘me’ time occasion rather than group dates. You get in, you do what it’s needed and you leave. That’s not to say you’re missing out on the ‘spa-like’ experience, that’s why I love it here. You actually get that as well, as opposed to going to Absolute Spa (which I do visit here & there for the hydro facial, but I don’t feel the same way).


A deeply cleansing and detoxifying treatment that incorporates the use of hand harvested kelp, Canadian glacial clay and sea salts from the Northern Coast of British Columbia. The therapeutic treatment infuses vital minerals while dislodging toxins and promotes deep relaxation. Skin is left feeling rejuvenated, smooth and hydrated. The active ingredients are also highly beneficial to address issues such as pain & inflammation on the body.

The therapeutic grade full body treatment incorporates the Beauty Through Balance spa line of products created by Sherina Jamal and made locally in BC. It is one of the only lines created with hand harvested kelp and Glacial clay from remote areas of Norther BC Canada. All harvesting is sustainable and the company follows strict ethical practices. The products also incorporate plant oils, herbal extracts and pure essential oils for the ultimate holistic experience from head to toe.


  • Green Tea Seaweed Salt Glow (usually premixed with our Glacial Purifying Cleanser and Raw Seaweed Soak Concentrate for added detox benefits) – I love this! You must exfoliate your body once a week at least.
  • Seaweed/Glacial Clay Body Firming Mask – They don’t sell this for personal use, all the more reason to book a treatment!
  • Glacial Revitalizing Mist – Use this every day! Like 5x a day I swear. This is a must to take on vacations.
  • Seaweed Body Butter – I have this at home, really buttery (I use it when I feel extra dry)
  • For more information or if you have any questions about what I use for my skincare regime, let me know! Happy to always help and remember, what works for me might not work for you!

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