Nightingale Review


The most anticipated venture, of David Hawksworth restaurant, Nightingale – a more casual, sharing style, LA vibe type of food is not bad.

But it’s not “good” either…

We booked a table at Nightingale for 7 pm on a Saturday, arrived roughly around 8 and waited at the bar until 8:30 sharp for our table. I wonder how they can always pull that one off. Impressive, but annoying.

This is my fourth time at Nightingale, every time with a different group of personalities, and every time we collectively agree with each other on one thing –  it sucks.

The way I look at it is like a Glowbal Group perhaps – you go for the atmosphere, the drinks, and to be seen, not really for the food. And that is completely ok too. Actually, that makes the most money.

I think we can all agree on one thing here, Nightingale is a VERY beautiful restaurant and Mr. Hawksworth is a VERY successful restaurateur. He did afterall put Canada on the map with Hawksworth (which btw is one of my faves and probably the only fine dining restaurant in all of  Vancouver). But Nightingale?

Nightingale is just another restaurant in Vancouver.

Mushrooms. I liked it. Enough for it to make it on here. Though, the photo speaks for itself. Was it good because it is technically drenched in oil?

Pizza will always be just pizza for me unless it’s a fucking good pizza.

I forgot what else we had… oh ya the fried chicken and the arctic char? Well, if I had to really think about it….. lol.

In the end, David Hawksworth gave people what they like … a good-looking establishment, whirring with shared plates, focussing on that vegetable trend. The only problem is the food lacks substance.

And the fact that some people think its fine dining because of the name of the owner is just absurd. The dishes are fast food on the level with Cactus club or other chains.

I have to end it with…. thank you for offering coat check. But you badly need valet service.

DRESS: @massoluxe BAG: @theritzysecret

Address: 1017 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6E0C4
Hours: Open today · 11AM–12AM
Phone: (604) 695-9500
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