Los Cabos Must Eat

I acted as if I knew these places were the Cabos must eat, in reality, I walked in randomly to all of them. It turned out, my spidey pig senses are amazing because not only are they actually Cabos must eat in my books they turned out to be quite popular in the travel sphere.

WARNING: Yes these photos are horrendous, taken in 2015 with like an Iphone -5 or something, sorry. Much needed trip back to Cabos so I don’t get any complaints about my blurry ass photos.


From the outside, it looks like a cute, tiny little restaurant that maybe serves sushi rolls and sashimi. We walked into the garden restaurant and I could hardly believe my eyes! WOW/GUAO!!! The place not only has a garden area where they cook teppanyaki table side, but you walk up a few steps at the back into a full on Japanese style restaurant!

Daikoku is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Los Cabos hands down. It is located on Marina Blvd. in the center of Cabo San Lucas. The setting is very calming with glass floors over sand (the sand sculpture is of Los Cabos) and water falls through the tables. The food is excellent, everything we ordered was of high quality for sure.


Waterfall, water flowing through tables…really charming.

One can envision being in a garden in Japan when visiting the unique Daikoku Japanese Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas. They even give you traditional Japanese Kimono.


I found this restaurant on Tripadvisor, voted one of the best in Cabos for authentic Mexican food.

I wanted some genuinely good, homemade tasting Mexican food. Tres Gallos delivered.

The restaurant is in the middle of town, easy to find, and all open air. The kitchen is open next to the main door, and walking in we could smell all the great aromas.


I really love the setting of the restaurant!! Very charming along with the authentic Mexican feel. Lots of tables, good service, got our drinks and food fast.  I didn’t think it was the best meal I had for Mexican food, however, I feel like that’s only preference.


The Nick San restaurant and Brand is a result of the talent fusion of two well Nick San known Chefs, Masayuki Niikura and Angel Carbajal; who come from very different backgrounds, Mexico and Japan, but that have the same passion; Food.

I wish I kept more photos or at least had a better camera than one that’s taken from a brick phone. It does no do the place ANY justice! I am from Vancouver, sushi is what we’re known for.

This place beats the majority of Vancouver’s sushi restaurant in a second.

Ángel Carbajal is an absolute genius! His creativity, passion, and vision to create his concept of Japanese cuisine in concert with the fusion of some distinctly Mexican flavors and influences is nothing short of brilliant. The fish is absolutely fresh (they have their own fishing boat), the presentations visually delightful and the flavor combinations unsurpassed.

We feel this is the best sushi ANYWHERE and many of our friends, who have experienced the finest sushi in Japan and at restaurants like Nobu, totally agree. The freshness, quality, level of service, and innovation totally set Nick-San apart from any other sushi restaurant in any major metropolitan city. I look forward to our next visit and extraordinary culinary experience.

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