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Harbour Air Seaplane From Vancouver To Victoria & Back

Harbour Air Seaplane

I can’t believe I am a few blocks away from Harbour Air Seaplane and this is my first time taking one! I’ve always wanted to, however, just the thought of being car-less once we reach our destination kind of pains me.

This time around, it made sense though, our hotel we reserved is located right on the landing deck!

We checked in and paid for our flights right at the center (you can also do it online), check in was highly painful for me, since I wanted to take King along for the ride to Victoria, BUT, he couldn’t fit into the crate they provided at the center (why you so fat King) and so we had to go looking like a maniac around at nearby pet stores for a larger size, couldn’t find one that would meet the carry-on requirements so ….. King was eliminated haha.

Really upset at this point, as I spoke to another airline in the same center and they allow dogs to sit with their humans (they only operate to Nanaimo though). I would boycott them just for this reason, seriously.

Long story short, King stayed back. We hopped on the next flight. Bad parenting 101. lol, Screw the kids, here we go.

If you haven’t already – you need to tick off a seaplane trip from your bucket list. It’s fun – take off and landing especially. Throw in the spectacular scenery from Coal Harbour to Victoria and return with a loop over the Lions Gate Bridge and downtown Vancouver for photos.

The Harbour Air Seaplane flight was magnificent…the cliffs, mountains and ocean by air were gorgeous.

And the seaplane was such fun…really loud though, so I can’t imagine how bad it is for pets =/

We arrived in 45 mins, a short trip considering it takes over 2.5-3 hours taking a ferry.

The flight is squishy, you can reserve the special ones (sit on your own) I’ve been on helicopters and I much prefer that over the floatplane! Either way, both safe and effective.

I highly recommend booking early, we paid almost $250 for one ticket whereas sometimes it goes as low as $80-100.

Overall, an experience not to be missed! I just wish they could be a bit easier going with the pet rules, although, I CAN TRY to understand it is for safety purposes, I didn’t think having a pet on you isn’t all that hazardous taking into consideration you do that on a normal flight that carries over 1000 passengers.


  • A floatplane (float plane or pontoon plane) is a type of seaplane, with one or more slender pontoons (known as “floats“) mounted under the fuselage to provide buoyancy

  • By contrast, a flying boat uses its fuselage for buoyancy

  • There are several structural components that help make the airplane buoyant, reduce drag, add stability and prevent the airplane from tipping or flipping over as it is moving through the water

Have you ever taken a float plane? They do offer tours, private charters and parcels (used this a few time for my business and I have to say it’s pretty darn cost effective and fast, do recommend that one).