Blue Water Cafe: these are my favourite dishes

blue water cafe

“Blue Water Cafe” when anyone asks me my favourite go to sushi date night restaurant.

We would come by so often (at least twice a week) that we forget which bottles of wine we tried in the past, some we detest but would order it again out of memory lost. The server saves our “profile’ in their system, so when that happens they’re just like “Tila you ordered that last time, you didn’t like it”.

I really do love that bout them.

I truly can say I’ve had almost everything at Blue Water Cafe.

My favorites at Blue Water Cafe are the sablefish (best in the city don’t fight me on this one), scallops (fuck why is it so good here), and then their sushi (ties with Pacrim)

In that order.

Everything else is a hit or miss.

Short ribs, sometimes out of this world. Other times, too dry. Worth taking a shot at though.

Feature menu is very good too. I like the whole fish when they have it.

Wine is pretty good for Bordeaux. Not the best for New World particularly Napas (what I normally like drinking).  It’s not a bad menu though.

blue water cafe

Why is the photo of my sablefish so bad, I promise it is better (a lot better) than it looks.

The seafood platter is mediocre. Boulevard does it better.

One of my most memorable bottle from Blue Water. I am really thinking about upgrading my wine cellar. 

And that’s the bill between 2 people for one night. lol Memory sake.

I still love date nights at Blue Water.

It’s comforting, nowadays I pop in late at night for some sushi and wine/sake/champagne. Either or, or all of it.

I know the servers, wine director, and management by name now. It’s homey, which matters more than anything else.

For a nice meal and special occasion, order the seafood tower (it’s alright but it’s a must if it’s a special occasion) and caviar. Every other day, sushi sushi sushi!

+ Hawksworth + Cincin