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Sunset MonaLisa in Cabo San Lucas. Best Sunset Hands Down.

sunset monalisa

Sunset MonaLisa is earnestly one of the best restaurants I’ve been to (like top 10), it’s set atop a cliff overlooking the most magnificent view of the Sea of Cortez.

They were named “One of the top 5 coolest restaurants in the world” by Tribune Magazine.

A highlight of my trip for sure.

 I’ve dined at some of the finest, most romantic restaurants worldwide, yet still to this day, I tell everyone that Sunset Monalisa is one of my all-time favourites. Sunset Monalisa’s unique layout is carved into a cliff, overlooking the Bay of Cabo San Lucas. Because of the restaurant’s 360-degree view, there’s hardly any bad seating in the house.
While I was here almost 1.5 years ago, they were still renovating… so I can only imagine that it got even better than what my memory can recall. There’s now 9 terrace location’s you can choose from when you dine at Sunset Monalisa. This is also THE SPOT for weddings and receptions alike in the Cabo San Lucas area.
Smart move of Sunset Monalisa to bring on an Italian Michelin star trained chef: Paolo Della Corte. Despite the beautiful setting and service, the only thing that can eliminate 5 stars from Sunset Monalisa was the terrible food. I can’t wait to come back to see what the new chef brings to the table!
My suggestion is to book your reservation about 30 minutes before sunset, so you can witness one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen The neatest part of the evening was when the sun was setting and all of the waiters picked up conch shells and “played” them like instruments… as if they were playing in the sun. From there, they ring a gong. Honestly, don’t miss this part! They did name it after the sunset for a reason, and to enhance the experience of the guest.
My favorite part of the entire night, having a bottle of wine with the most amazing view & company as the ocean crashes below your feet. Make sure to bring a light scarf with you, it does get chilly at night if you’re not here during the summer months. Seriously photoshoot WORTHY! I couldn’t stop as you can see haha. Despite the food being average & pricey, we did really love every second here. I am all about service, and all the staffs were incredibly attentive throughout the whole experience. They even got mad at me for pouring my own wine! haha.

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The development of the restaurant starts because of a love story!

“In 1984 when Giorgio Battaglia of Florence, Italy and Cristina Bremer Rodriguez, niece of Mexican president Abelardo Rodriguez, traveled together to Los Cabos, the land of sensuous sun and azure seas their love blossomed. By 1991 this love blossomed into Ristorante Da Giorgio, an accolade to their love…which then developed into Sunset Monalisa.”

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