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How To Start A Blog And Actually Get Paid

So you want to start a blog but don’t know where to begin? I think I got you covered.

It’s about time I am writing this post, I never got around to it, mainly because, I don’t know, I think you can google “how to start a blog” and there are 10000 pages out there to support you better than I think I can. I am great at many things,

I just never considered myself to be a “blogger” because I do it for fun every since I was in HS, I mean, I never even expected to make a dime when I started it.

I’ll get more into that money subject later.

But, I know I get it. I know why people ask me. And why people choose to ask me questions they can easily Google all the time.

It’s because you have been following me for months if not years, there’s that mutual friendship help that works better than landing on some strangers page that you cannot relate to or don’t know their name.

BTW, I take great pride in building and maintaining relationships with my readers, so this is nowhere me complaining. Just never expected I have credential when it comes to these things.

Let’s jump right into it. How to start a blog from scratch?


As of all new projects, you need a plan. You need an idea of what you want out of your blog.

You might not know exactly all of it, I kind of winged my blog in the beginning. But then again, I started it as a hobby, however, my backbone was always travelling.

That’s my passion and that’s what makes me tick & what I really enjoy. I will choose a god damn vacation any day over a Chanel bag and EVERYONE knows that. Okay don’t get me wrong, I will pick both if I can (I am a go-getter lmao) but between materialistic or experience, it’s the travelling that I always find so exhilarating. And everyone, believe me. The material things will always be there, you can’t always have the luxury to travel whenever you want.

Everything else for me just falls in between. Food and lifestyle revolve around travelling.

The name, the design (more on this later) and the WHY. I like to tell people to stick to a NICHE because the world of blogging is very very very saturated. Again, I’ll cover this topic later on, for the external layer, you probably need a niche unless this blog will be a personal hobby blog and you have no plans of monetizing. Then do you booboo, be all over the place if you wanna.

  • Blog Idea – What kind of blog, what sort of things will you be writing about, categories, sub categories. Remember, blogging requires a lot of work. You need to love what you’re talking about or else it will feel like a chore.

  • Blog Name – This is your brand, keep it short and sweet. Try googling it to see if it’s already used, you don’t want a name that isn’t unique to you.

  • Details, details, details – What kind of audience are you trying to attract, why would someone want to READ your blog. Remember, as of all basic backbone for a business – you need to solve someone else problem. Find a problem, find a solution to that problem & you’re already one step ahead.


You need a website. I started my website on my own, you can decide if you want to go the DIY route or hire a professional.

I’ve always had a thing for coding and graphic design even when I was young. Back in high school, I was your AsianAvenue and apt104 girl lol. Then I started landing hotel collaborations, I figured it wasn’t long till I needed professional guidance. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars right away, I did within the first year because I am a freak I like perfect everything, however, I know a lot of successful bloggers with the same template for years.

Nonetheless, on the same topic the girl who did my design is amazing, let me know if you need a contact and she will hook it up for my readers. Amazing pricing as she is new and hasn’t started her portfolio yet!!

I started on and boyyyyy was that a stupid move. First of all, bloggers a free site that is very easy to use but it is nowhere near monetizable. If you want a simple personal blog, I do think it’s great. If you want to go down the professional route.. you NEED your own hosted site.

Now I host my own site on WordPress.

First of all, let’s talk WordPress. WordPress is your CMS ( content management system ). It’s where you will go to write posts and manage your content. There are many CMS out there (Blogger, Squarespace, WIX, Tumblr.) but we are all about WordPress for those wanting to blog professionally.

There’s always the confusion over / Basically, I would ONLY recommend .org as it gives you more control over your site & has great features to give you the ability to evolve in the future. is free to use but you are very limited on what you can do with it as you don’t own it. seems scary to some because you gotta do some mechanical stuff all by yourself, but it’s really simple and if you want to hire someone to do that for you, I got you covered.

In order to have your own website, you need a reliable host. I ONLY recommend Blue Host. It’s who will help you if your site goes down or if you need support for anything that gotta do with your blog. Blue Host offers great pricing, speed and amazing support staffs in case anything happens to your site.

  • Choose a domain name –  You can use Bluehost domain as well, it’s free

  • Pick a site to blog from – I only recommend

  • Now you need a host – I recommend 10000% Blue Host it’s what I have been using and many many other bloggers. They have great pricing, support staff and they’re always on call.


  1. Head over to BlueHost and hit the GREEN BUTTON, get started now. Easy Peasy.
  2. Now you’re on the choose your plan. I purchased Plus, but if Elite fits you better than you can purchase that.
  3. Sign up Now! You can choose a domain or use one that you already purchased.
  4. Next, it will take you through the typical checkout page. First, it will ask for your account info, then it will ask you for your package info, which is where you will choose your account plan & add-ons ( check whichever ones you want – but typically we just recommend domain privacy! ). Then, it will ask you for your billing info. Easy enough.
  5. Almost done! Set up your password & log in to your new hosting account. YES!


Okay now that you have your blog set up, you need content.

Before the content work and before you can even launch you need to have a great design. Think of your blog as your brand. It represents you. You know how we can look at a letter M in yellow and automatically think of Mc Donalds. Or maybe…. that’s just me LOL.

You get my drift, your blog is the first thing people will see, it’s where you are housing your work, it will be a resume when you are ready to monetize.

  • You can find a theme and buy it, I’ve done this in the past. This is something that you can do when you’re starting out but if you need an original design, this is where web developer comes in.
  • The girl that did my blog and also – she’s amazing and will give a good price to any of my readers, so contact me if you’re interested. The great thing about hiring a professional is there’s no need to worry about ANYTHING! She did my logo, all the leg work, all the social media shit, email, the whole nine yard. The pricing will be dependant on what is needed.
  • Once you got your blog theme, you can start creating content!

By the way, this is nowhere near the end of “blogging” there’s so so so soooo much more work. Creating content, photographing, editing, graphic design, support, SEO, analytics, newsletter, social media… yeah….. lol. If you like this post, let me know so I can write more on this topic!


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If you have any questions let me know!

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