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Rosewood Mayakoba Review

Rosewood Mayakoba Resort

Rosewood Mayakoba hands down is my favorite resort in all of Mexico. I have not yet been to the one in Los Cabos, I will report back after I visit that place but until then… Rosewood Mayakoba stole my heart and the entire show at Mayakoba complex. This place was truly a dream, can’t believe I was able to experience it.


The special experience starts with the arrival, and every single guest is escorted to their room in a jetted boat meanwhile sipping on a welcome drink. I don’t know how that would make you feel but I sure as hell never had that experience before. It is a fantastic mood setter to start off any vacation and a quick reminder that every room fronts water, either lagoon or beach, and many have private docks. Room sizes and features vary but all are appreciably better than standard luxury hotel rooms. I being modest when I say that, these villas are usually two levels. Most have private plunge pools, outdoor showers, spacious decks, and the like.
The room rates are high and that is just the beginning; food, beverage, taxes, fees, and other charges are also significant. If, however, you are less concerned with cost and are looking for a relaxing vacation experience in a serene secluded heaven, then this is the place for you. Housekeeping and butler service were excellent. Actually, all of the staff were very helpful and friendly. The pools are all very nice for their own independent reasons. This place would be the perfect place to bring a drone! I did touch base on my last review at Fairmont Mayakoba on what this whole space is about. To add on further, Mayakoba itself is a 600-acre master-planned resort community, akin to those of Hawaii (Kapalua, Wailea, Kaanapali) with four hotels (there is also a Fairmont, a Banyan Tree and now Andaz) and shared common facilities, most notably the golf course. Nicknamed “The Venice of Mexico,” it has an extensive network of canals linking the many mangrove forests and lagoons, most of them thoughtfully blasted through the dense coastal limestone by its developer, OHL, Spain’s largest construction company. It took eight years and a billion dollars to install the infrastructure.
We stayed in a deluxe lagoon suite and it was large and amazing. It’s all in the details, from the vanity and bench to his and hers flip flops and slippers to the tequila upon arrival, Bluetooth Bose speakers, heated plunge pool, outdoor shower, rooftop lounge (though with no view), and beach bag, we were happy campers. It was so spacious it came with two full bathrooms, bathtub, one indoor and one outdoor shower (amazing!). The room was quiet and very private. Honestly, you are in your own separate world.


Designed to blend in with the natural surroundings, the main lobby is an open-air retreat that overlooks one of the resort’s two pools and the breathtaking lagoon below. It is the natural lagoon, around and into which the entire resort is developed, that makes the Rosewood Mayakoba so unique and special. After a brief check-in, we were escorted down to the boat landing for transport to our awaiting suite.
The grounds are flawless. Beautiful bar, great option of pools, many gardens, great beach/pool set up and more. They provide bikes like at Fairmont to get around as well as very regular golf carts.         I mean even look at their washrooms…All of the resort restaurants were very good (very expensive, but very good). Our favorite was the Asian restaurant, Agave Azule. The food, the service, and the ambiance were all first-rate. The French restaurant is also amazing…  I could live without the prices, for what you’re paying here you can travel to Italy and eat at the best 3 Michelin starred restaurants. Let me warn you so you don’t get surprised when the bill shows up. For some reason at Mayakoba the taxes are insane. A meal with 2 entrees and 1 drink at Casa del Lago was $400. Yeah, you read it right. God bless the 30% tax on this place. Insane. It is noted that room tax is also 30-40% I forgot the actual amount but it is innnnnnsaaane. Like $400 property tax.


The beach is gorgeous with easily swimmable turquoise waters. Cabana boys and waiters are plentiful to set up lounge chairs, arrange umbrellas, offer cold water and deliver food and drink orders. There are paddle boards and all different types of amenities.
When I tell you that the Rosewood Mayakoba has thought of everything, I’m not exaggerating. The beach drinks were served in insulated insulated mason jar to prevent meltage in the hot sun, and the Jalapeno Margarita featured ice cubes made with fresh jalapeno slices.
  One of my favorite experiences was the boat ride through the lagoon. They did an amazing job explaining all the information about Mayakoba, that the water running through the lagoon flowed naturally, both spring water and salt water from the cenotes though the lagoon itself was man-made. We saw turtles, fish, birds, and even a crocodile! There are boats to transport you around the Rosewood Mayakoba and with limited service to other nearby Mayakoba resorts. Most guests prefer to use the hotel bicycles to move throughout the hotel. And the place is not so big that you cannot simply walk wherever you want to go.   We were impressed with every member of the Rosewood Mayakoba staff we encountered during our stay (and they were plentiful, believe me). It was almost as if they all had a mystical sixth sense and would appear out of nowhere even before you knew that you needed something. “Here’s an ashtray sir” as soon as a cigarette was sparked. “Can I bring you a blanket?” as soon as I started warming up my body when the wind hits at night. I shit you not, they were always one step ahead of me. Ice buckets of complimentary bottled water were replenished regularly, unlike at Fairmont Mayakoba where we felt they charged us for everything. We never had to wait for a server to come around for our drink orders.

And, more importantly, every member of the staff seemed sincerely happy to be working at the Rosewood. I’ve been to resorts where the staff appears to be going through the motions, robotically executing the requisite things they were trained to say and do. Not at all at Rosewood Mayakoba. We often commented that their staff seemed genuinely content, which made our stay all the more pleasurable. I should add that the grounds were absolutely immaculate, as well, from the lobby to the beach and every square inch in between.

I have stayed at the Banyan Tree and the Fairmont in Riviera Maya, and while both were first-rate, my money is on the Rosewood Mayakoba primarily because of the outstanding service and the beautiful atmosphere. Be ready to damage your wallet… but you will be rewarded immensely!

Management deserves a lot of credit for running a very tight ship where guest satisfaction is a paramount concern. Hardly a problem at all during our stay and nothing that would cloud my high opinion of this resort or alter my complete satisfaction.

iYes, I’ve mentioned this so many times, Rosewood Mayakoba is hardly cheap, but in this same vein, they don’t nickel and dime guests, with free coffee, tea, and bottled water at every turn, including nice Nespresso machines in the rooms.

+ Cancun + Punta De Mita 

location: Located about 35-40 mins from Cancun airport
hotel facilities: 3 restaurants,  outdoor swimming pool, spa, gym, beach, room service
Service & personalization: assigned butler with every room, just perfect in every way. Everyone remembers your name and you feel like a guest, not a number.
rooms & amenities: private secluded villas with the best top notch amenities
food & drink: amazing but very very expensive
parking & shuttle service: complimentary boat road around resort and bikes to get around
when I went & weather: January, hot
price: $1800 CAD a night, expect to spend $1000-2000 min on food and drinks per day. meal plan avail 200-300 USD average pp.