La Terrazza Happy Hour Yaletown Review

la terrazza happy hour

  La Terrazza happy hour was recently introduced to their menu! I stopped in to check it out, which is offered every single day from the hours of 5-7 pm in the lounge.


La Terrazza has been a favourite spot of mine for food and especially wine, as they hold over 8000 bottles in their cellar! Incredibly impressive.

If you guys follow me on Snapchat (which you should!) you would’ve witnessed my hilarious private tour in their cellar. It was more like me winking at each bottle, and the bartender shaking his head…lol.

The La Terrazza happy hour is amazing! I ordered the carpaccio (I rarely eat meat, but this dish is a fave of mine here) and the fried octopus (I don’t like calamari, but this was really good! It came with prawns too).And I need to really mention… the portions are huge! Chef Chennaro really doesn’t skimp out, he always tells me he wants people to enjoy their meal and feel content with their experience. I told him I got full off of 2 appies, and I couldn’t even eat my entree. The portions are really that big, even for the happy hour!

I love the vibe of the lounge and the entire restaurant, I will do another review on the dinner shortly. The overall atmosphere is perfect. There are thirty-foot ceilings with sparkly chandeliers hanging from every end of the dining room. From the indoor fireplace, marble mahogany bar, leather sit back chairs… it all compliments the all Italian classic music in the background.This is an old picture from one of my dinner here. And the wine…! A glass of wine here. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the proper wine glasses they serve to guests, I just love that.

The trio (chef, sommelier, & maitre d’) at La Terrazza always knows how to make their guest feel like at home. They even have 3 private dining rooms (had my birthday in there last year!) It is hands down one of my favourite private dining spaces in the city. I was told they even host weddings and marriage ceremonies in their venue as well, how cute!

For me, I am picky when it comes to Italian food. I really believe it’s about simplicity and elegance. That for me could just be 3 different ingredients on a pasta. That’s all it takes. Fine ingredients, nothing more.

La Terrazza may not be my absolute favourite for food (I really do love Gardinos); however, you can come in here and feel cared for and comfy all in a luxurious space! That’s really the beauty behind this place for me.Okay, but I do gotta give it to chef for his Strozzapreti Bolognese. It’s such a weird dish for me to find extravagant; however, he does serve it well. I know that he informed me he uses a different cut of meat and the pasta itself he sourced from Italy. I still don’t know how it’s so good. Just warning my fellow foodies, it’s heavy. I could only eat like 4 bites before I wanted to have a salad and whiskey… lol.

Be sure to check out La Terrazza’s happy hour, it starts at 5-7 every day of the week. Think about it: they purposely want you to have a good time… 3-5 somewhere initially, then 5-7 here, haha! Isn’t that genius?