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fairmont lobby lounge

Here’s some food porn over the weekend for you all thanks to Fairmont Lobby lounge! I know, it’s Tuesday and you vouched you were going to eat healthy starting Monday LOL. Me too, me too. I just had to ruin it.

Last week I attended Japan Unlayered at Fairmont Lobby lounge raw bar!

We ordered Gozen (Chef’s Plate) reserved online and paid $80 pp. In the hands of Chef Nozaki teamed up by Fairmont lobby lounge Chef Taka, who by the way is amazing even on his own. Recently I got really into this show called Chefs Plate on Netflix. Every night the dogs and I, along with my favorite wine glass, kid you not I received this as a gift. Since the show, I’ve been even MORE inspired to venture out and try all the amazing food and Michelin star restaurants in this world. Thankfully, that day I didn’t have to go so far because Chef Nozaki came to me! We just booked a few Michelin star restaurants all, while eating this lunch plate and going through Google to track down what’s available lol! If you haven’t already heard Hiromitsu Nozaki, head chef of two Michelin star restaurant Waketokuyama in Tokyo is the guy behind all this magic. We started our lunch with a custom created Houjicha (Roasted Green Tea) by Sakurai Japanese Tea Experience. This was definitely a highlight of our meal. Not a drop of alcohol and I am still content means a lot.The lunch bento box comprised of 32 intricate components—like sashimi with grated mountain potato, roasted wagyu beef, and simmered sweet pumpkin—the dishes are beautifully presented (each lunch takes 15 hours to craft). Only 10 of these were available per day. The miso soup was amazing, never had anything like it before. Not your traditional miso soup and I had some pretty amazing ones outside of Vancouver. I don’t know how but after all this, even the fruits tasted exotic.

Quite frankly, I did not find it to the set menu to be mind blowing in terms of flavor.

As for thoughtfulness and execution? Yeah, I’ll give it that one.

Wagyu was on the dryer side, I had better sablefish, it too, was dry. I really liked the lotus prawns but that’s something you can get anywhere really, and my favorite part of the dish was the simmered sweet pumpkin.

Well put together, perfectly presented with a great balance, everything had a meaning, from the numbers of items on a plate to the shape of the plate, and colors used.

There’s no doubt it took a great amount of passion.

For those of you who did miss the experience. Don’t worry. Chef Nozaki will be back in 2020 when Alberni by Kengo Kuma, a residential tower open its door and in that door, you will find Chef Nozaki, Vancouver’s first 2 Michelin star chef.

I opted for a casual look as I told you guys but couldn’t help it but change for my evening look the same day. Wearing: Artizia Joggers & Tee (both sold out, similar looks below) Rockstuds X Saint Laurent Clutch (discount code: TILA for money off!)



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