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My 100 Calories Noodle Soup Recipe Using Miracle Noodles

100 calories noodle soup

Here’s the 100 calories noodle soup recipe I promised you guys on Snapchat! This is an amazing recipe for rainy days, easy to whip up, and it’s sooo comforting. I make this at least once a week. You can also sub for unlimited variations of the recipe!
100 calories noodle soupThe recipe is really healthy too, making it even better. Miso paste is great for stimulating the secretion of digestive fluids in the stomach, it restores beneficial probiotics to the intestines and aids in the digestion and assimilation of other foods in the intestines. Also, a great source of B-vitamins.

Ya, also I need a glass of wine to cook. That’s healthy too right?
100 calories noodle soup 100 calories noodle soup

Miracle noodles are amazing. They are made mainly of fiber, so the noodles slow digestion and prolongs the sensation of fullness. They are imported from Japan and you all know I fucking love Japanese shit. Food, skincare, technology, culture. I buy all my asian food products from Japan, mainly because I don’t trust Made in China food b.s.

They are also gluten free, soy free and CALORIE FREE!! See, told you it’s only 100 calories noodle soup recipe. Because the noodles are ZERO CALORIES.

Basically, all you really need are 4 ingredients:

1) Miracle noodles
2) Miso paste Fave brand you can only get from Amazon or speciality stores
3) Better than bouillon – I live off this for everything seriously.
4) Protein – I like tofu but you can use chicken, beef, etc.
5) Eggs – I like this for a hint of creaminess in the soup, only buy GOOD QUALITY EGGS!

For vegetables I usually use mushrooms, enoki mushrooms works the best with this or bok choy; but really, you can use whatever you like or what’s in your fridge. I really do think bok choy and mushrooms are the best combo for this meal.


Boil a pot of hot water or organic chicken/veggie stock, throw some miso paste (I use like 2-3 tablespoons), and cook your protein once it’s boiled. Cook your veggies accordingly.

Trick to cooking the eggs, I swirl the pot and make a hole in the middle and keep swirling it.

In the meantime, make your miracle noodles. I follow the instructions on the packaging.

TA DA! That’s the 100 calories noodle soup!

It’s genius and you can use these noodles for just about anything that requires noodles. I even like them with my pho and ramen.

HAVE FUN and tag me in your post, would love to see it!