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How To use Instagram’s business analytics insights to your advantage

I just posted a story on Instagram last night about Instagram’s new business feature and how you now can see how many accounts saved your photos. Look, it’s not creepy I save photos for reference too, but it’s creepy when it’s a photo of my little sisters… anyways, long story short, I GOT LITERALLY 100 QUESTIONS on Snap & IG asking how to look at your statistics. This is what my blogs for, to save myself the time answering the same questions 100 times over and over again =D



It’s a business tool for business accounts, unfortunately, since the platform grew it is now a mixture of 50% personal use and 50% businesses. I don’t hate because I use it for business as well. You have to go where the money goes, and if everyone is on IG, well that’s where $$ is going. In order to see your stats on Instagram, you must switch your account to a business profile on your settings. The account must be linked to a Facebook business page. Once it’s verified you now can view literally all your statistics.

So sadly, you cannot use it for personal everyday use like who’s stalking me and sipping tea unless you make a fake business page, I wouldn’t advise on it. Facebook and Instagram are strict when it comes to these policies. By all means, do you booboo.



  1. Go to options, where your settings are and click switch to your business profile
  2. Connect to Facebook page
  3. ta da


On the bright side, if you have a business account this is HELLA useful gold information. You can see where your followers are from, what time of the day they are most active, you can view how many times your photo has been saved to know what are good contents to put out there. Game changer.

It’s great for businesses to use with influencers and media people, they can track what is working and what’s not. Before you just paid these influencers not knowing if they are converting, now this powerful tool will tell you exactly all the deets, impressions reach likes and engagement. Word of advice, don’t pay for robot followers.

You also get that “contact” button which is a great call-to-action tool, but if you aren’t a business you really shouldn’t care.


There you go friends, have a great day.

PS: I am adding a new category called, boss babes. Let me know what you want to hear!

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