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Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun Review

Secrets Silversands Cancun review is finally here! Long story short, Apple Nazi but ok genius move as always, decides to sell at $2500 laptop that requires you to buy an extra $100 extension cord to use a god damn USB. Or you can buy it on Amazon for $10. This is my second cord I had to purchase, so Imma super glue this one to my laptop.

Anyways, this was SUCH a short noticed trip, I mean we had a few things planned out but not much. I didn’t even know I was going for sure till 4 hours before I departed. It went exactly like this.

8 PM: Are we going? I don’t know, we’ll see.
10 PM: Okay tickets are booked, we are fucking leaving at 7 AM.
12 AM: Imma have a glass of wine and pack in a bit
1 AM: *Passed the fuck out after a bottle of wine, didn’t pack*
5 AM: *Woke up* OMG we have to head out NOW! *Starts throwing things in the luggage*
7 AM: Caught our flight, think we good.
7:15 AM: Fuck, forgot the camera, forgot sunglasses, forgot tanning oil, forgot contact lens, forgot GoPro, forgot hat, forgot books to read.

True story.


So, we made it here, arrived approx 8 PM.. checked in was very easy and quick. As always, we were greeted with champagne and cold towels as soon as we arrived. We got the basic Junior suite pool view,  didn’t do the preferred club this time.  The only reason why I would spend the extra money would be to get access to a private pool. In this case, the preferred pool just looked real shitty. And hint.. they don’t normally come around to check your status since it’s not that “private” like at Secrets The Vine where you had to take a private elevator to access.
The room although just their entry level rooms were still very spacious, nice big washroom with a separate shower that was large enough for two people 😉 the washroom lacked privacy if you’re travelling with friends or family. I liked the soaker jetted tub, great for bubble baths. The bed was a bit rough, tv small and all Spanish channels not that I care I don’t watch TV, who comes to Mexico to watch tv? Oh yeah. My bf does. Mini Bar was mediocre as well, I can’t believe they don’t stock a full bottle of wine? I had wines sent to me in other Secrets resort. Maybe because I was staying in a better room? Don’t know but I got irritated having to call room service for a glass every time. I am sure the feelings were mutual.Cute dining area with a nice makeup vanity as well. Good use of the space I guess. The balconies were large, with several wicker tables/benches and a large daybed with pillows. The daybed and pillow were covered with pleather, but if you threw a towel over them, they were can do, best for at night watching stars and smoking cigars, oh ya and drinking glasses of wine.


Our first real meal of the day, I was so hungry I didn’t care what was for dinner. This was the casual joint at the resort. Surprisingly, it was probably the more decent meal I had at the resort. I ordered myself two entrees here the squid & Mahi tuna, both delicious. Yep, they were both mines while he had his Ribeye.


That was the preferred pool I was telling you about, not all that and a bag of chips. I wouldn’t pay an extra penny for that. But I mean if you get a good deal from a package or what not sure. 
I did really enjoy the lunch at the seaside grill. Don’t count me on the name but it’s the grill by the pool. By 12 pm you can smell the BBQ going on, I was always the first one in line. Only thing I ate twice. I waited the next day after we checked out just to eat it =) The coffee shop also decent.


Breakfast is available only at World Café, and the buffet may seem big but it’s average; there are enough choices to satisfy any palate, though. Highlights are the made-to-order omelette station and the smoothie bar (which even features soy milk). But I haven’t stayed at the lower end all inclusive, so I was told by all-inclusive standards, this is pretty good.
Dinner starts at 6 pm and ends at 11, so the next day we made it a requirement to try 2 different restaurants. The plan was to have dinner at 6 then go have drinks, catch their nightly entertainment and then by 9 have another dinner. God, I don’t know why I always agree to this because by the time I start drinking, I won’t remember my last name or dinner and apparently he said Bordeaux was the best dinner we had there. I mean it wasn’t GOOD just the best dinner at Secrets Silversands. Whatever.   This was at Portofino, very mediocre dinner as you can figure it.  The food at Secrets Silversands is not all that great, in our honest opinion. The best by far were the alternating outdoor restaurants, Oceana and Seaside Grill. Service takes quite a bit but then again, were all on vacation I am no rush to be anywhere, just hangry that’s all.Unfortunately, I did not try Himitsu for Pan-Asian cuisine or El Patio. Himitsu was the only one you needed reso for and the only one I REALLY WANTED TO TRY. Finding a drink is never an issue at this resort as bars seem to be everywhere, drinks of the day are normally good and I didn’t feel like the resort watered down the alcohol at all, I GOT TIPSY OFF one mojito!


Secret Silversands lobby is outdated, looks kind of cheap for a resort that’s only been opened for 4 years. The cleanliness is good but not great as it should be some of the washrooms could use some love. And it was HUGE! Not like Mayakoba huge where you need go karts but still takes a good amount of walking to get to A and B. But at night I did really like Rendezvous bar with the live music, a bit more of a classy vibe than the performances going on outside. I tend to start with champagne here then slowly start taking tequila shots at Verenda bar, which is outside where all the action is. I made friends with like 2 couples who are in their 60s lol.


The beach at Secrets Silversands is not good, but it wasn’t billed as great either. The beach is definitely rocky once you get past waist depth. I tended to just wade out that far and then float. As with all of the other resorts up and down Riviera Maya, the staff does a diligent and excellent job sweeping up the sea grass and carting it off. Too much seaweed for my liking.


I was very impressed with the spa at Secrets Silversands they have a hydrotherapy circuit area which was impeccably maintained, like all Secrets spa it did not disappoint me. However, this was better than the one in Cabos. Very serene. And the spa pool was very nice and quiet. Pricing was not bad as they have ahem ahem limited time “specials” that’s always there. I didn’t even go to the pools although there are 9 of them! It wasn’t for me. I would say the worst thing about Secrets Silversands was the cheap lounge chairs they have around the main pool.  And the music for the main pool was too distracting. I like my peace.

We’re not really all-inclusive kind of people but given we landed so late, it didn’t make any sense to stay somewhere like Rosewood for just a dinner and then sleep. For that reason, we booked Secrets Silversands for one night, and an all-inclusive can be very nice – so simple and easy and feels so indulgent. (Imagine a guilt-free and fee-free mini bar.) Thankfully, what you can do when you book all inclusive is to stay at an adults-only. It really does makes a difference.

This is my fourth Secrets visit; first one was at The Vine, that one I have nothing but good things to say. I just LOVE it, it was absolutely lux. Second, at Jamaica, which I strongly dislike. Los Cabos was average I would throw these two in the same category, although Cabos entrance and just the entire resort feel was nicer.  I think it’s safe to say I am done with this chain.

The food at Secrets Silversands was average, and the hotel was average. You can only eat so much resort food before you want something a little better. It is typical resort food.

Entertainment was good, never had experienced anything like this before at a resort. It’s not like being transported to Vegas each night but it’s an enjoyable diversion.

Secrets Silversands seemed to lack any identity of its own. Don’t get me wrong that I didn’t think it was nice, it just didn’t have a noticeable theme to it. I think you would have more fun here if you go with a large group, party wise at least, or if this fits your budget then this will be more than enough.

From here to the city, Cancun/Playa it’s about a 30 minutes drive, kind of far but there are cab rides for  $70 USD round trip pp. We had to go once because I needed sunglasses.

The staff at Secrets Resorts are very friendly and usually do a great job. Not everything is perfect but you know you’re going to get a nice place and a solid effort from the staff.

+ Fairmont Mayakoba + Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen


 location: Located about 35-40 mins from Cancun airport
hotel facilities: 9 restaurants, 9 outdoor swimming pool, spa, gym, beach
service & personalization: very good, nothing quite personal
rooms & amenities: large nice room, jetted tub, spacious showers
food & drink: average-mediocre, would not recommend room service and drinks are good
parking & shuttle service: cab to the city
when I went & weather: January, hot
price: $1150 CAD a night for our stay