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Fairmont Mayakoba Review

After one night at Secrets, we packed our bags quickly as possible and checked into Fairmont. My initial intention was to stay at each of the properties in Mayakoba for 2 nights, you know, since it’s a whole subdivision and all and I wanted to get the feel for all the resorts there, however…. I left Fairmont after one night and I’ll go through why as I explain the resort.


Let me preface this review by saying the Fairmont Mayakoba is located on a magnificent property and it is an amazing place altogether. The unique beautiful natural surrounding of Mayakoba is head and shoulders above, some structures of the hotel were showing their age, but the resort overall was very well maintained. Upon check in, they offered cold towels, but no welcome drinks. Check in process was fast and staff explained the property and where everything is. Very intimate check in compared to an all inclusive resort.It is a massive property, but there are golf carts constantly shuttling people around that will stop and pick you up almost anywhere along the main trail, I never had to wait long for one at all. You can also walk but I mean… it’s hella hot. They also provide BMW bikes around the resort to use at your leisure. If it’s there, it’s available.


After we checked in and figured out where everything was, we went for Lunch at La Laguna… the setting is beautiful with the patio overlooking the lagoon. Pricing for the resort is standard hotel chain NY pricing. $20-30 for lunch entrees.  Drinks are around $10+. I would recommend arranging the meal plan. It’s an extra $200-300 per person I believe but you end up saving money since one meal could easily cost you $200.


The beach is beautiful, white soft sand crystal clear water, swimmable condition and the best part is that it’s a private beach. My only problem was the water was too cold, don’t know why it was literally 35 degrees when we went. But that’s not the hotel’s fault at all. We were told that the resort was at capacity, but it never felt overcrowded. We always got chairs at the beach even arriving late in the day. Services at the beach could’ve been more prompt and attentive. We waited 45 minutes for guacamole and some beers. Another hour for cigar cutter. And then was told that they lost our bill. Was not impressed at all. If you’re going to charge $30 for guacamole… least bring it out.


Fairmont Mayakoba has 401 guest rooms (including 34 suites) are intertwined with the lush forest and graceful lagoons that dominate the property. We stayed in the guest rooms as the beach villas were booked up and I viewed the lagoon casita and did not like it at all. There are things I would spend extra money on but that definitely was not it. The rooms although very spacious just seemed outdated.
The balconies were smaller than the one we had at Secrets and we ran into so many problems. The bath tub did not work, there was a weird murky smell. It was a nice touch to have repellents provided in the room and around the resort. It took around 1 hour for someone to come fix our bathtub drainer, I had a dinner to attend again… not very impressed. Just blows my mind this room was $800. lol.


The Fairmont Mayakoba has five pools, including the resort’s main 10,000-square-foot Island Pool with a swim-up bar for the adults and waterslides for the kids. There’s also an adult-only infinity pool with lagoon views and a children’s splash pool and wading area. Near the beach is an infinity-edge pool; the Bambú Pool is near the main lobby. Lots of choices for just about everyone. The good thing about this resort is yes it is huge but despite 85% occupancy the pools never seemed too crowded because all the pools are so spaced out which makes it feel like there’s no one there. The pool service was okay, didn’t use the pools much, to be honest. It’s more for families.


The breakfast buffet was included with our stay and it’s funny because we were thinking it’s probably some continental breakfast, muffins fruit coffee. However, to my surprise, it was not bad.  Okay look it was very mediocre but after the whole experience with the resort, I had no expectations so this was a hella big shock that there was more to the buffet than just what I had imagined. Don’t expect much, but just know that you will be full.

In general, the resort is okay it has a shell out of a 5-star property but definitely not 5 stars. The grounds were lovely but when you’re in Mayakoba that is pretty much a given. A little background on Mayakoba… The development of Mayakoba took over 25 years, Fairmont opened for nine years now and the newest kid in town is Andaz, recently opened in 2016.  The preservation of the local flora and fauna was key then and continues to be one of their most important concerns. Real respect for the care that has gone into the environment which allows us, travellers, to have such unique experiences. How many resorts in Mexico do you stay at that you can run into wildlife… monkeys crocodiles all in its own natural habitat. The wild animals are very friendly too they are used to humans now.

Every small hiccup we encountered were just that, hiccups. However, what really put me off and the reason why I refused to stay another night was my whole experience with the service. I just got back from the beach, still in my bikini with wet hair and all. All I wanted was to shower. I tried to get inside my own room, the key was not working. Walked to the front desk like a wet puppy (which was a trek on its own) got a new key and that key did not work either. Turned out the room battery was dead. Waited for ONE HOUR outside my hotel room just for someone to come fix it. Pissed off I went to the front desk again and told the management. Still took 30 minutes to fix. Altogether, 1.5 hours of me waiting outside my room just to change out of my bikini and shower.

We checked out manager did apologized and gave us a $100 credit off our bill. What’s $100 out of  $1500 tab lol appreciated the generosity, thought that was kind of funny. Even after checking out they still managed to mess up, the front staff charged our cc twice by accident. Upon check in they also took a hold. So here’s almost $2000-3000 hold on my credit card, just so crazy.

We spoke to the another management about that after we left, she apologized by email asking for a chance to fix it and they would like to invite us back because they know we were still in Mayakoba. Long story short, inviting us back meant offering us free breakfast buffet for 2. =/ No thanks, I went to Rosewood instead. Is she joking, right? I don’t know what world she is in, but the breakfast comes with the room. I decline her offer and she replied well sorry we can’t give you a free room for a good review online. I wasn’t even talking about a god damn review. I wonder if she looked up how many times I have stayed at Fairmont before? It’s not a good review you’re getting, it’s a return guest. My exact words back to here and she did not reply. Obviously not. Gotta be joking me, I still have the email I was going to screenshot the convos but that was a little too savage. All in all, Four Seasons gave me the penthouse suite comp once because they messed up. I am loyal to that hotel when I am in the area.

Please don’t take me wrong, the property itself is amazing, but when it comes to service and the amenities it is questionable. The hotel is very stingy and I am sure guests can see right through that. They don’t even have god damn real ketchup at this hotel. Water bottles are not free (most hotels don’t but when you’re in Mexico.. I mean seriously?) for a resort at this price-point some ice cold infused water would go a long way for the pool areas, rather than nickel and diming us on bottle water.  To use the gym is $10 a day. I have travelled almost the world and I have never ever seen  $10 dollars entrance every day every time you go to the gym? Hence why there were no comments on the gym. Although rumour has it that the spa was good!??? But who cares at this point.

Given the many resorts around Mayakoba, Fairmont needs to step up their game. I stayed at Rosewood and Bayan tree and I have nothing but good things to say about them.. they should visit those properties and learn a thing or two.


 location: Located about 35-40 mins from Cancun airport
hotel facilities: 6 restaurants, 9 outdoor swimming pool, spa, gym, beach
service & personalization: service is good, management could be better
rooms & amenities: room is okay, average. stay in the beach villa if you can.
food & drink: average-mediocre, get meal plan!
parking & shuttle service: cab to the city around $30 not bad at all
when I went & weather: January, hot
price: $800 CAD a night, expect to spend $300-500 on food and drinks per day.




Fairmont Mayakoba 
Carretera Federal Cancún-Playa del CarmeGiven the many resorts around Mayakoba, Fairmont needs to step up their game. I stayed at Rosewood and Bayan tree and I have nothing but good things to say about them.. they should visit those properties and learn a thing or two.n Km. 298, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
Phone: +52 984 206 3000