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Eyebrows Feathering/Microblading & Nails Inspo

Feathered Microblading is so in right now! Nails & Eyebrows are the two most photographed photos on my feed. My girl, Amanda as of late slayed my nails for the last 3 months & she’s amazing. She is based out in New Westminster. Yes, it is a bit of a drive for me, however, I come see her whenever I need to head out to Surrey which works. I always make beauty work =D. Discovering talented technicians in the lower mainland is tough, I use to live there and the salons you’d find in the city aren’t specialised to do things like gems and artsy ideas that we are interested in. Here are some work of nails she’s done on me!

Amanda knows what I like and don’t like, takes that and add her little touches to it. I don’t normally step out of my comfort zone for nails, it’s always … nude, blush, nude, nude, blush pink, clear. LOL, she did the grey marbles on me and it was shockingly beautiful.

Trust me when I don’t let just anyone fuck with my brows. They are a huge deal to me. Like almost as important as my dog. I know Amanda is somewhat like me, well she’s a bit more organised (I’ve shown up late 3 times) but we’re same on the same page, she’s VERY PICKY and detail oriented. She would notice things that even I missed so, it was an easy yes when she asked if she could do them. The procedure itself wasn’t as painful as I remembered it to be, my eyes were watery from the lights but it was bearable. Brows looked amazing right after, it’s been two weeks now almost and I still go out without drawing my brows in! Night time look I do have them filled out a little darker.


How long have you been in business and doing nails and brows for? 
I’ve been doing nails for 3 years and brows and cosmetic makeup pretty recently about 5 months but have been threading and shaping for about 3 years as well.
How does your pricing work?
My pricing for a full set with gel polish is $50 for any shape or length and then designs are extra on top.
What’s your speciality (nail art, nail shape etc)
I think being creative with crystal design is one of the areas that lets me be extra creative or if a client has sort of a theme they want to go with I can come up with something for them.
Tips on how to keep nails to last longer?
My number one tip is “nails are jewels, not TOOLS!” Don’t use ur nails to pick things and be rough with them they are pieces of art!
Tips on how to keep brows feathered to last longer.
Aftercare for brows is super important and if you are going to be in the sun sunscreen is crucial! Getting touch ups to keep your brows looking crisp and fresh doesn’t hurt either.