Vancouver: Kissa Tanto

In case you were hiding under a rock, Kissa Tanto was awarded Canada’s top new restaurant of 2016 by enRoute magazine. Kissa Tanto, a Japanese-Italian fusion eatery in Vancouver’s Chinatown, same guys behind Bao Bei (also made it on Enroute’s list). Look, I don’t visit Chinatown often because I never had a reason to but lately, I’ve been venturing out here quite often just for this place… in my fur coat & Chanel, should say something. Octopus Salad $19: crispy octopus, citrus mayonnaise, daikon, radish, basil, ikura, parmesan. I LOVE daikon, radishes, any micro greens – in this case – the basil & ikura. Then you toss some deep fried octopus in it and I’m all over that. Flash-fried whole fish, daikon soy dipping sauce. Our fish of the day was ocean perched, served whole with the fins head and all, just the way I like it. I can’t say this was the greatest, it was missing something (batter too bland maybe) but by this point I had too many drinks to even care. Smart people to offer such a cute and fancy cocktail list. I do give them thumbs up for trying, for a city that’s well know for our seafood, rarely do you catch a whole fish on the menu.Tajarin $25 – butter, roasted mushrooms, miso cured yolk. Now this is the reason why I come here. The first time I was in they featured the Tajarin with the option to add white truffles. Mind blown. How mind blown you asked? Well, I never finish a plate of pasta it’s not my nature to do so, but I devoured this pasta & came pretty damn close to ordering a second plate of it. For myself. Anyways, fast forward three weeks later and sans the white truffles, I still love this dish.Eggplant $8 – whole roasted Japanese eggplant, miso besciamella, almond crumble. When much of the fusion world is dominated by poke bowls and fancy abstract izakaya tapas, it’s refreshing to see something in between the opposites of that. Kissa Santo indeed offers an avant-garde interpretation on painting Japanese flavor profiles on the canvas of traditional Italian dishes. I love this place for what it is.

However, I can’t claim it’s the best restaurant in Canada, but I can see how it made it’s name on that list. What else are there for us to talk about in terms of new restaurants? I am not saying we don’t have good food, I’m just saying we don’t have anything else to talk about.

Book ahead, heard the waiting list is inssaaaneee.


Kissa Tanto
Address: 263 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1T8
Phone: (778) 379-8078
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