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Vancouver: Sense, A Rosewood Spa Review

Hi. It’s me again. I know it’s been a while since my last post (I’m still alive on social media)… well, it’s a new year! Happy 2017! One of my main resolution (boring I know) is to blog more… miss just having that creative outlet away from all the hustle-bustle of the big city and daily life. That being said, aren’t you happy I’m back?!? Just right in time to release all your holiday-bs-sickness. Am I the only that gets SO drained after the holidays? And that time in between Christmas & New Year & not knowing what to do with my life takes a real toll on me. Obviously, I turn to a much-needed spa session.  Sense Spa by Rosewood is located in the Hotel Georgia and is one of the smaller spas in the luxury hotels. The only amenity they offer is their salt water pool. If you are looking for a group spot this wouldn’t be my first pick but if you are looking for upscale services and highly trained, excellent staff then Sense will please you. I noticed they also won Forbes heart as well, the only spa in Vancouver with such an award.
The washroom is a bit smaller than the spas in the area, though it does come with everything you need. Locker is provided with no need to carry around those key locks on you either. They provide you with robes and slippers. Water bottles are also available in the washroom as well as drinks/teas upon entrance. After you’re all settled in and comfy, the staff will guide you to the resting area. It’s quite intimate and again, smaller than the lounges from the other spas.  I was greeted by my Therapist and escorted to the room where she made further inquiries to gain a better sense of what she could do to tailor the treatment.  I was able to pick out my own essential oils and discussed my treatment, making sure it was customized to what I needed. The room is very relaxing and you even have a choice of soothing background music during your treatment. The bed was seriously my fave, so comfy, soft and heats up to the perfect temperature. The sense of time just fades away …   The treatment ends the same way it begins … calm, relaxing, serene. After my massage, I was escorted back to the lounge where a cool glass of water and a warm heated neck bag is provided as I acclimate back to the real world. There is no sense of being rushed even as people are coming/going for their treatments. The spa never feels crowded and it does create an atmosphere where you can indulge in yourself …

MY ADVICE: The spa is intimate, I wouldn’t come here with a large group (bachelorette, bdays) more of a nice “me” time or as a couple


Rosewood Hotel Georgia
801 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1P7
Phone: (604) 682-5566