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Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort (Part 2) Review

If you missed the first part of my review on Secrets Los Cabos you can find it here. We spent a good 7 days at this resort, but the majority of the time we ventured out and about, lucky we rented our car I think that’s the best option if you stay here but want to go down to Los Cabos, cabs like I’ve mentioned are $60-70 USD one way. For the most part, we ate out at other restaurants but we did manage to try all the food here at this resort. The main market cafe is the main breakfast and lunch buffet area. It has a lot of offerings but does get repetitive. Compared to Secrets Cancun, this place is a far cry from it. The Seaside Grill is open only for lunch and has a small menu of choices. There are four main restaurants for dinner. We liked the food at Himitsu best, an Asian-influenced restaurant we found quite good. We ate there a few times! I liked the atmosphere and it was entertaining. Teppanyaki style, I didn’t touch the sushi, but it was there.  

We came here during American Thanksgiving so for one of the themed buffet dinner nights, they went all out! The cute decorations, our outdoor seating arrangement and the food made me feel like I didn’t miss out on turkey dinner, not that I am American anyways but you know, huge fomo Tila.I loved the Rendezvous bar it was one of my favourite places at night to lounge, it’s quite and cosy during sunset it has a beautiful view, there’s also live music. The bartenders always remember my drink and know I only like the top shelf liquor which they hide, but it’s there just have to ask for it. They even come around with bar carts to make you some cool coffee drinks! I didn’t spend much time in the music lounge, I went there one night but it wasn’t our scene, the crowd was much older, so we opted to be alone most of the time.   Oceania is the seafood restaurant and is average to good but portions are extremely small.  Don’t be shy to ask for more! I ordered the octopus dish twice because it was so good. Quite frankly, till this day that octopus still remains my top 5! I don’t know if they still have it but it’s one of the grilled octopus and it’s god damn good! The other two restaurants were very mediocre in my opinion and I still think Secrets Cancun was waay way better for food. We ordered room service a few times and again was disappointed at the quality of it.   To get to the ocean it’s a bit of a walk. I would say around 10 minutes from the hotel area. Although you can easily walk along flat sections of the upper beach it is quite sloped right at the ocean and the waves can be strong. As with most resorts in the area, they discourage swimming due to rip tides.  Overall the entire beach area and lounging area could use a facelift, there are a few huts on the beach but you can tell it doesn’t get touched. I only had a waiter come to the beach once to see if I wanted a drink…the management team needs to put some money and resources in the entire beach area. I have this ritual where I have to go to the spa every time I am at a resort/hotel, so of course, we tried this on our last day. It was nice but nothing out of this world. The outdoor sanctuary is great, the hydrotherapy session was amazing similar to what we always get elsewhere. The massage was good too, but nothing memorable. I did enjoy the beds here!    Overall we enjoyed our stay at Secrets though we would’ve liked it more if it was closer to Los Cabos but that wasn’t their mistake. The property itself is beautiful and the staffs were all pretty good. The room itself could’ve had a more luxury feel to it. We found ourselves coming back to the room every night after dinner as there wasn’t much nightly entertainment, other than karaoke and live music. I didn’t mind because we spent most of nights just relaxing in our room, as we always do. In addition, the dinners could be a little better, it seemed as if they were possibly understaffed. In my honest feedback, there are not that many places I would go back to even if I did love it, so this would definitely be a no for sure.


 location: Located about an from airport
hotel facilities: 7 restaurants, 4 outdoor swimming pool, spa, gym, beach
service & personalization: very good, nothing quite personal
rooms & amenities: the wet bar was okay, washroom wasn’t the best but we had an outdoor plunge pool
food & drink: average-mediocre, would not recommend room service and drinks are good
parking & shuttle service: complimentary shuttle to the city
when I went & weather: November, pretty windy but sunny most days
price: $1000 CAD a night for our stay.

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Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort
Address: Av. Paseo de Los Pescadores S/N, La Playita, Mexico
Phone: +52 624 144 2600