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Los Cabos: Top 5 Things To Do

      – SNORKELING –

This was my first time snorkelling!!!  It was a really cool experience, the water was rather choppy and rough so it was harder to swim. Plus I can’t swim anyways. Yep, 25 and can’t swim. If you’re used to snorkelling with crystal clear water, this would disappoint you. We booked this excursion through our hotel which they partnered with AmStar and the tour group Esperansa. We were picked up at the resort, took a bus to the marina bay. The staffs were fun and knowledgeable. Get ready to take lots of pictures!
They brought us to see the arch and around the Lovers Beach, then to Pelican Rock to snorkel. It is a small area, but safe and the guide carried bread to bring the fish in. Then we were dropped at Lovers Beach for lunch and a little exploration. You’re welcome to snorkel again here but I just chilled on the beach.  The water was very warm and nice here.The best part about this whole excursion was seeing some whales up close!! The guides just know exactly how to spot them from afar, pretty amazing seeing a whale up so close! This is supposed to be an excursion on it’s own, we got really lucky!


We booked the sports fishing through Sushi Time Cabo, customer service was great through the emails we exchanged. The total for this excursion was $300 CAD. The only problem was we had to find our own way from the resort to the Marina Bay where we were scheduled to meet up at 6:30 AM. We opted to rent a car for that day and found parking nearby. The captain was very friendly and informative. The whole experience itself was so cool as this was my first time fishing in the ocean like this!! Departure at sunrise with at least 100 other boats was entertaining. Love watching the sunrise over the horizon.

We were in the water for at least 5 hours without any luck. Although we saw more whales & I got to drink and I, of course, was tanning on the deck while the boys did the work. Just as we were leaving to go back home, something caught our line. I kid you not this experience was so cool!!! I didn’t realize how tough it is to catch fishes and how much work it takes. After about 1 hour struggling we reeled it up to find out it was a 70 lbs marlin!! SO COOL!I would definitely recommend Sushi Time, the captain was great, they took a few photos for us and had a great time having a private boat talking to the captain about life in Cabo. Fishing experience was great, the day we went out we got super lucky as nobody else that day caught any Marlin. They hung it up and we got to take a picture with it, like a prize thing, weighed it and then one of the fishermen cuts it up. We gave a lot away and froze some to take home with us. Also gave some to our hotel to cook us a dinner! Amazing experience!! We tipped the captain 15%, however, he asked for more since he said it’s a 30% tip whenever they catch a fish like that so my bf gave it to him. We didn’t know the proper tipping etiquette for a fish like that, but if that’s the case then he did deserve it!


I knew I had to go on this tour when I saw it! Riding with camels on the beach? CHECKED! SO much fun this day. We booked this through Cabos Adventures (I think they’re the only one in Cabo), paid around $250 plus tips to the guide. We met up at their company’s location then we drove us 25 minutes out of town to a beach front desert area, it was a trekked but we were in a 4×4 Mercedes. Be prepared for this trip as there are lots of insects and bees!!!! I didn’t know how harsh it was till I got there and lucky me, was wearing yellow just to attract them even more.

Then we took a short ride to the beach for our Camel ride. Everything was very well done and enjoyable. You could kiss the camel – or not. After the ride, we had a nice lunch with Tequila tasting. My boyfriend tried some weird insect tequila.. I did not. I did, however, make rotis lol. I brought a go pro with me to take pictures but you are welcome to buy photos from them.

Some other random things I did was took photos with snakes at the Marina Bay, went out to Cabo Wabo one night. The remaining time in Cabo we just hung out, lots of food and sightings around here! I stumbled upon a facial boutique that specializes in quick on the go facials. So cool, how come we don’t have one here yet?!! Stay tuned for my new post on all the restaurants!!

WHERE I STAYED: Secrets Los Cabos
WHEN DID I GO: November