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Wedgewood Hotel & Spa Vancouver Review

I am really thrilled to be sharing with you guys a hotel I just discovered in Vancouver! If you know me personally, you would now, this hotel is so me! The decor, the service, the vibe, background music.. everything! I had the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful day at Wedgewood Hotel, beginning with breakfast in their Bacchus Lounge & spoiled all day in their spa. The pampering only ends when you walk away and realize it is back to real life.


A little background on Wedgewood Hotel, it is a luxury boutique hotel located in downtown Vancouver. For anyone unfamiliar with the area, this is the perfect location. Walking distance to shopping outlets, restaurants, Coal Harbour is just a 15 mins walk, Gastown is about 5 minutes drive. The hotel is a family owned business, founded by Eleni Skalbania and now under the care of her younger daughter Elpie Jackson. You distinguish the quality of service you'll be receiving when the owner herself still roams around the hotel greeting guests and overlooking every small detail.
I started my morning off with a light breakfast at Bacchus Restaurant & Lounge before my appointment. I ordered a greek yogurt parfait & earl grey tea for some easy digestion for the 90 mins facial. Service was marvelous as expected, my tea was never seen empty. Breakfast was delicious, full of choices that satisfy every morning person needs.

Wedgewood opened their boutique full-service spa in 2006, since then they have won numerous awards for the best spa in the city. I've been lucky enough to try every spa (at the luxury hotels) in the center, I think each one has their own great features. Wedgewood quality was that it made me feel like I was on vacation & not one bit in Vancouver! A total hidden oasis in the city.

Upon stepping into the reception area, I was immediately put at ease as the interior screams classy with a contemporary twist! I checked in with the hostess, she was very friendly and gave me a tour around the facility. You are asked to change into a soft robe with slippers, provided a locker for your belongings and directed to relax in the lounge with a drink and light snacks.

Elpie brought over the exclusive product brand, Epicuren from LA to her spa. The line is just amazing!! I did some research on it on my own time and discovered that it is an all natural skincare line (if you've been following me on snapchat you'd know that's exactly what I been looking for!!!!). Not only that, but the science behind the product is something to note.

"Epicuren®s enzyme protein complex, referred to as the Metadermabolic Enzyme, is the heart of the Epicuren® line. This enzyme is a protein that is combined with a waterborne solution of B Vitamins to create a protein with intelligence. The Metadermabolic Enzyme encourages the skin to self- rejuvenate, similarly to how aerobic exercise supports your metabolism. Your largest organ, the skin is replenished, receiving antioxidants and moisture, naturally resulting in a more youthful, vibrant appearing skin".



The relaxation lounge is just perfect for a solo spa date, couples or even a group! There is plenty of seating area for your comfort, as well as a food & drink menu. You know champagne & spa goes hand in hand, for me right? Oh, and by the way, that diffuser, I want it! I was speaking to the receptionist and asked her where it's from because I need it in my life, obviously. She told me her & Elpie brought it into the spa which I thought was amazing how the owner attention to details touches everything in her hotel.

Refreshments including light snacks, fruits, and protein bars are available for you to enjoy!

Eucalyptus Steam Room is available before/after treatments. I love the steam room here, very luxurious.

The intimate treatment room was perfect with the right touches that I look for in a spa!


I booked a 90 Minutes Custom Facial ($190) Because every skin type is complex and different, this allows the estheticians to assist in developing the treatment your face requires. I've been going for monthly facials, however, I've never had a custom facial, so this was really exciting! There's nothing wrong with the other treatments I had in the past, but since this was tailored to my needs, I felt the effects were immediate. It's been three days post treatment,  yet my skin feels and looks soft and glowy as if I just left the spa!! Seriously, everyone has been asking me what I did.

The staffs are highly professional and knowledgeable. I learned that every staff at the spa was hand picked and trained by Elpie, the owner herself. That's the quality you'll be getting no matter what day or who you're booked with, it will always be consistent. Asuncion, my esthetician knew exactly what I needed for a perfect skin. She started off steaming my face, cleansing, a microdermabrasion performed by hands instead of a machine (this is more gentle on the skin, machine pulls your skin), a gentle mask steeping into my skin as I got a massage. Throughout the treatment, she was very gentle and kind, making sure I was comfortable with my facial. Asuncion also educated me a lot about skincare and followed up with my service by noting all the products she used on my skin.


Champagne post facial to end my perfect day! Overall, the Spa at Wedgewood is above and beyond gorgeous, inside and out. Conforming to the standards expected at a luxury day spa, they offer an array of lush healing treatments, I will be coming back for a couples massage!

I toured the hotel and was shown the guestrooms available. There is no two same style of room at the hotel, the layout will be very similar however the decors and taste in each room are individually unique. One thing that remains the same is that their room, even starting in the introductory category are quite spacious. A soaking tub accompanying each bedroom, this is like my dream!

This is my favourite room at the hotel. The penthouse unit is perfect for families, or just anybody seeking that extra oomph of luxury in their life. The most outstanding balcony in Vancouver, trust me I have been to most hotels in my own city and finding a hotel with a balcony is hard! This is perfect for summer, I can just close my eyes and imagine the summer Vancouver breeze while relaxing on this patio!

Wedgewood Hotel is the very definition of perfection. The hotel itself is beautiful, the location is spectacular, and the staff is wonderful. They are friendly, warm and inviting without being overbearing, taking the time to remember your name, you immediately feel at home. When I say staff, I mean all staff. From the moment you pull up, the doorman and valet are happily greeting you and welcoming you their hotel. I've been living in downtown for some time now and correct me if I am wrong, but the doorman has been here for ages! Even if you're not staying at the hotel, you will still feel warm and fuzzy walking by him. Sometimes I walk past here for coffee and he is always smiling and enjoying his job, saying hi to just everybody.

There might not be much else to say about the Wedgewood Hotel – except that every praise is deserved and that in a way it is quietly perfect. Quietly? Because nothing is "in your face" and the whole team certainly know their jobs, but everything is done effortlessly. This is an old world hotel in a perfect location with up to date amenities and top notch service.

I forgot to mention, they are also one of the only Relais & Châteaux in the city, the most prestigious recognition for hotels and restaurants. Relais & Châteaux pride themselves being the highest quality in hotel accommodations & fine dining… I've stayed at many hotels in their name before and I have never been disappointed, ever.

My Advice: Weekends are the best! Indulge in a spa date, end your day with afternoon tea and some live music. That's what I would do.

Disclosure: My spa service was hosted by the spa and therefore, complimentary. Just like everything else on my blog, all opinions are my own experience. If you have any questions at all regarding this post, please feel free to contact me.

Wedgewood Hotel & Spa Vancouver

845 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1V1