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Willow Stream Spa (Fairmont Pacific Rim)

I seriously love my spa days, now more than ever, I actually fully let myself relax. No phone for the next couple hours, just enjoying the moment. No social media, no text messages. I've come to the sense I should be tucking my phone in my locker (but you know I need pictures so that's not the case). PS: I am ALWAYS searching for new spas to visit. It's my favourite date. Relax, massage, dinner. Are you taking notes? 😉

Why is this my favourite spa? Well obviously for one, there's drink/bottle(s) service… umm yes? Where's my Moet? And then the cherry on top… wait for it…. FOOD!! As you can see, sushi & spa goes hand in hand, only when you're in Vancouver.

The next best thing is that you really don't even need to stay at the hotel… I'll let you in on my secret… $90 admission per person to use the amenities for the day!!! It is quite a steal compared to other hotels where they will make you pay for a price of a massage or a night. It is nice when you want to relax and get away from it all.. I usually come here once a month just for a detox. If you're a club member and staying at the hotel it is a free pass.I have been to all the luxury spa in Vancouver and The Willow Stream at the Pacific Rim Spa is so far the best spa in Vancouver at the moment. When you think of a day get away and looking for a place to forget about the busy life in Vancouver, then you're in the right place. Although it is situated in a very busy downtown location, you won't feel that at all. The ambiance right from the entrance, the welcome, the facilities, the loungers and the treatments are phenomenal. It is the best place to relax with your family, with friends, bf/gf or solo retreat. 

The amenities cannot be beaten. Outdoor patio, fireplace, jacuzzi x2 with TV so you can catch the Canucks game, sauna, steam room, experience showers, lounging, full-service menu… I'm here more than I should be.CHECKING IN: You can tell that you are in for a nice, relaxing, luxurious treatment on your first few steps out of the escalator. The Willow Stream has a nice spacious welcome area with a side retail shop. They offer a variety of local and imported skin care products, Voluspa candles for sale. The Ipad menu is quite nice compared to the other luxury hotel spa in Vancouver. 


LOUNGE ROOM: After the reception, you are treated to a full tour of the facility and it is nice to see that there is a retreat area that is private (you can wear your bathrobes) away from the reception desk (unlike the CHI Spa in Vancouver). Small little gestures that makes all the difference. There are multiple lounges to choose from: the separate for his and hers lounges with comfy lazy chairs, magazines, tv and assortment of daily refreshments (amazing tea, coffee, juices, water, fruits, pastries and dried snacks). They're a few fireplaces around to add in that relaxation atmosphere. There is also a co-ed lounge area, with the same treats and fireplace adjacent to the outdoor hot tub and cabanas facing the Vancouver Convention Centre, view of the harbour and the mountains. 

AMENITIES: Previously, the pool was accessible to spa clients but they have made some recent changes that pool can only be use by guests and residents. Probably because it's too busy with the spa guests. Understandable as hotel guests can't access the spa facility unless they pay for it. The gym, however, is available for use. I always pack my gym gear to get in a workout before/after my spa day. There's plenty of fresh towels, fruits and water. State of the art equipment, nice yoga room.

TREATMENT ROOM The rooms are very clean, modern, bright and spacious. Unlike the CHI SPA in Vancouver, the single treatment rooms do not come with own bathrooms or tubs. There are special rooms for this treatments. The couples massage room has a nice Japanese soaker tub for two. The heated beds are my favourite.

CHANGE ROOM The private change room has its own large steam room and huge private showers. The experience shower takes a few minutes to figure out (you know that person whom always disregard the attendant explaining the proper instructions like they know everything, but end up alone naked, trying to press every button so the shower can turn on… yep that's me) It is an easy access to the outdoor tubs and infrared sauna. Lots of fresh towels and toiletries to finish your day at the spa. Unlike the Chi, where the change room only has body lotion and hair dryer. Private digital lockers are available. No annoying key chains.OUTDOOR HOT TUB There are a couple of tubs with outdoor showers and TV. I love this area, you can lounge in it as long as you want. I have spent hours and hours lounging here, almost all day sometimes. You can eat and drink within the area while you look at the view of the city scape, while sipping a hot tea, or your favourite libation. The outdoor shower is so refreshing after soaking in hot water. 

TREATMENT Very good selection of treatments. What they offer is pretty standard to the other spas in Vancouver. If you are looking for specific luxury treatments, for the price of other luxury hotel spa, Willow Stream is probably the best price for the experience and the amenities.

STAFF Very helpful and there's plenty of them, to ask what you need to make your stay comfortable. I've never had any issue with the service. Drinks/food always set up for you as you order.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE If you are searching for a nice get away within a city willow stream spa at the Fairmont pacific rim is a place where you can unwind and relax. Definitely worth the money that you will spend. Pricing is not for everyone but if you can splurge for a bit, the prices for their treatments is the cheapest compared to Sense at Hotel Georgia and the CHI Spa at the Shangri-La.MY ADVICE Do remember to bring your swimsuits and gym gears if you want a workout. They have a really good gym facility and it's open 24 hours. Also, book in advance!!!!! This spa is getting so booked up lately it's driving me crazy. Free access to the spa for any President Gold Member. $90 admission to use the facility otherwise.


Willow Stream Spa @ Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver, 1038 Canada Place, Vancouver, (604) 695-5550